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Anyone may ask for a personal consultation about anything in the area of health and personal development. Some, if it is merely a matter of pointing you in the direction you wish to go, will be without charge.


Others, where more is required of me, will be subject to a small fee which will be notified before anything is done. You then have the choice to accept the charge or look elsewhere.


As this function is being used almost exclusively by Spammers, I have had to remove the link.

Please go and use the contact link at the top of the page.


The minimum detail that I require for a health consultation are:

Full name

Town of residence (i.e. not your current location if this is different)

State (USA & Canada only)



Please give details of your problem (not the label that some medico may have stuck on it most of these are meaningless and, from experience, around 40% of people who come to me have an incorrect diagnosis anyway).

A full list of all symptoms and time variations is essential.



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